VR Porn – How to Watch and What to Expect

Virtual reality technology is a popular entertainment today, and there is little surprise that the porn industry has adopted it for its own needs as soon as this recent technology was developed enough. Porn videos shot in virtual reality mode gain more and more popularity among the viewers, and this popularity is so immense that some porn studios have changed their strategies completely and shifted focus on filming VR porn movies only.

Considering these facts, there is nothing strange that many advanced users of the Internet and modern technologies are looking forward to buying their first virtual reality gadgets – glasses or helmets. There are a lot of movies and video games issued on various online platforms that can be watched and played only in VR glasses or helmet. However, these users also do not forget about another type of entertainment and relaxation, which is VR porn movies.

Vr porn movies offer a completely new experience, by providing a very realistic illusion of being right in the middle of events instead of just witnessing them. This is achieved due to the specific mode of filming, and as the result, the viewer sees all the events as if through the eyes of one of the participants of the video (usually the male one, although it is possible to find videos where the movie is filmed as if through the eyes of the female actor). This creates the impression of being a participant.

However, the viewers have to be ready for a certain disorientation and confusion during the first several minutes of watching and also immediately after watching a VR porn movie (and basically any VR game or movie). Disorientation during the first few minutes of watching is caused by the effect of teleportation, when the brain suddenly finds itself in a different room, often full of strangers, and in different physical position. Due to that, an inexperienced viewer can feel somewhat confused and awkward instead of aroused and excited. Post read more

Is It Safe to Buy Subscription on a Porn Site?

The majority of porn websites are totally free and offer a wide range of options for the visitor without demanding any payment. This may seem weird, because they obviously have to make money somehow. But in fact, porn platforms make money by placing ads on their website. They get thousands of visitors each month, and are therefore very attractive for advertising different porn and sex-related products.

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Taking this into consideration, it then becomes unclear why one should bother buying a subscription on a website that offers tons of porn videos, for free. And still, most porn websites do offer the option of subscription. And there are many people who actually pay for subscriptions, especially on such well-known porn sites as Pornhub, Brazzers, etc.

In fact, the reality is that subscription offers many additional options to the viewer in contrast to the content available free of charge. These additional options include, but are not limited to:

  • the newest content;
  • more categories or secret categories;
  • live sex chats;
  • ability to create personal collection of favourite videos;
  • enhanced search;
  • membership bonuses;
  • community, etc.

Therefore, if to think about it, buying a subscription may be a good decision.

Safe Subscription

Of course, one has to be careful and critical when choosing a porn website and buying a subscription from it. Choosing one of the top popular websites may seem as a trivial choice, however, the popularity of these platforms is partially caused by the fact that they have already been tested by thousands (if not millions) of people and have been proven safe and well-functioning. Well-functioning included absence of glitching when you pay on the website and suddenly it pretends that you haven’t.

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Another factor is hacking. You want a secure, and that means well-known, respectable and reliable, website you can trust your personal and payment details to. This way, you will protect yourself from the situation when your personal details are stolen (or even better sold b the website itself!) and used to hack your bank account or send you spam and viruses.

The websites that have already been checked by thousands of users read more

Types of Porn

Porn has been with humanity since the most ancient times of human history. Those hypocrites who state that it is a new and highly indecent invention are actually not right. Porn exists for thousands of years and humanity continues to enjoy it.

Today, most people are generally used to sex videos or at least porn images and photos. This is actually the case only because we are most subjected to these digital media in forms of pictures and videos. People look for porn photos and videos on the corresponding websites because this is the fastest, the cheapest, the most efficient and also the safest (in all terms) ways to find a relevant sex content that is interesting, various and satisfying.

Some people of older generations recall that porn magazines (mostly for men, of course) were popular in the pre-computer era, that they were not so easy to find sometimes, and one should have had a great deal of courage to go and buy such a magazine openly. Young adults were ashamed of such actions and could also be simply denied this possibility by a seller, by shaming them. Older adults were also not comfortable with buying this kind of press if they were married. However, sex magazines were the only option.

Later, video cassettes were presented, and the people started to get used to video content. Porn magazines stopped enjoying such popularity and sales, and the future of the porn industry was in videos, obviously. And it still is, in addition, there is a virtual porn, vr porn hd option present nowadays, making the experience even more realistic and mind-blowing.

However, despite the presence of virtual reality porn, there are other media of sex content that people enjoyed in the past, and some of them are still very popular among the devotees. The oldest forms of porn are drawing, painting, and sculpture. People have adored the possibility to see the naked forms depicted or carved, and this is actually the reason why so many classic paintings read more

How To Securely Search for and Watch Porn

Today, cybersecurity is an issue that everyone has to consider when using the Internet and basically any device. People use Pcs, laptops, tablets and especially smartphones on a constant basis and very often they use and store sensitive personal data on these, including bank account numbers, logins, passwords, personal information, etc. Most people are really lazy in terms of their data protection, and sometimes they become the victims of hackers and virus attacks.

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This is especially true when surfing the Internet in searches for something, and this is twice as important when one is looking for porn videos or enters a porn website. There are two aspects of safety and security in terms of looking for and watching porn – make this fact concealed from the family (in case this matters), and stay invisible for all the risks and dangers of the Internet.

In case one has to be sure that no one finds his search history or downloaded files, the best advice is, firstly, to never download porn videos. This eliminates the necessity to create invisible folders protected with passwords. Also, downloaded files can be an additional risk of bringing viruses directly into your system. However, if this is inevitable, keep all downloaded videos in the invisible folder. Also, make sure to clear the history of downloads, the history of recently accessed files, and the browser history. Always log out of your personal cabinet on the favorite porn website and never save passwords in browser.

If we are talking cybersecurity online, the first thing to do is to install a quality antivirus and a VPN. The antivirus will protect you from automatic dangers – that is, from malware that may be downloaded onto your computer even without you being aware of it, while you are on a website. Some websites are in fact created only to lure the visitors and infect their devices with viruses during the session.

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VPN will protect you from humans – hackers read more

Virus Attacks on Porn Sites

Porn websites are very popular with thousands of users throughout the globe. They enjoy millions of views and thousands of monthly visitors who spend a lot of time on the sites. These websites are often free and they make money by placing ads on their platforms. While users enjoy free content, they may also be interested in relevant products promoted by the website.

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Some porn websites offer paid subscriptions for the users who are then allowed to enjoy the best and the newest content unavailable in the free version and are also provided with a range of additional services like free sex chat, etc. These websites require personal details and payment data. Despite this fact, a lot of users buy monthly or even yearly subscriptions for porn websites, although it is fair to mention that only the best and the most reliable websites enjoy such loyalty.

These are the factors that make porn websites so attractive to hackers who are looking for stealing personal data of the users. They can do it in several forms. Some hackers infect the website with viruses that watch the IP and then look for other places where this Ip is registered. There is a high chance to find a website from which the user bought something some time ago, and the virus will be able to steal personal data.

Another option for hackers is to steal the website’s database of users’ personal and payment data. They can use this database to promote own products, to hack the bank accounts of the users, to steal money from accounts, or to simply sell the database to the third party that will do all the above-mentioned activities.

The most dangerous porn platforms are those that download some software on the user’s device to enable the client to watch content on their platform. This is a very outdated way of providing user experience, so the visitors should avoid such websites. Some sites download the software immediately when the person enters the platform, so in such case, one read more