The original name for atom was meant to describe the smallest unit of the universe. It meant ‘indivisible’. Of course, anyone who lived through the 20th century knows that it is no true. This paradigm shift in our world teaches us to never assume that our world is what it appears to be. All the assumptions we have about how things work do not mean that it’s how they will always be.

….Okay, what am I getting at? I wanted to show you how a new toy phenomenon, Skylanders, manages to take our modern technology, and our fears about it, and turn it into one of the most profitable phenomena of modern times.

Skylanders are both toys and a video game. The toys are characters that come to live inside the video game. It creates a piracy proof phenomenon because you can’t just download the game and play it: you need the Skylanders Figures to play the game (starter figures are sold with the game).

Generally things geared towards children aren’t too worried about piracy because, well, kids don’t know how. But the other beauty of Skylanders is that it separates the kids (or rather, parents) who will spend hundreds of dollars on a single phenomenon, while not excluding the regular children who can only afford a few figures. That way Activision is able to maximize profits from their fanbase. They aren’t leaving any money on the table.

Skylanders Video:

(so that you know what it’s all about)

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