How To Securely Search for and Watch Porn

Today, cybersecurity is an issue that everyone has to consider when using the Internet and basically any device. People use Pcs, laptops, tablets and especially smartphones on a constant basis and very often they use and store sensitive personal data on these, including bank account numbers, logins, passwords, personal information, etc. Most people are really lazy in terms of their data protection, and sometimes they become the victims of hackers and virus attacks.

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This is especially true when surfing the Internet in searches for something, and this is twice as important when one is looking for porn videos or enters a porn website. There are two aspects of safety and security in terms of looking for and watching porn – make this fact concealed from the family (in case this matters), and stay invisible for all the risks and dangers of the Internet.

In case one has to be sure that no one finds his search history or downloaded files, the best advice is, firstly, to never download porn videos. This eliminates the necessity to create invisible folders protected with passwords. Also, downloaded files can be an additional risk of bringing viruses directly into your system. However, if this is inevitable, keep all downloaded videos in the invisible folder. Also, make sure to clear the history of downloads, the history of recently accessed files, and the browser history. Always log out of your personal cabinet on the favorite porn website and never save passwords in browser.

If we are talking cybersecurity online, the first thing to do is to install a quality antivirus and a VPN. The antivirus will protect you from automatic dangers – that is, from malware that may be downloaded onto your computer even without you being aware of it, while you are on a website. Some websites are in fact created only to lure the visitors and infect their devices with viruses during the session.

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