Types of Porn

Porn has been with humanity since the most ancient times of human history. Those hypocrites who state that it is a new and highly indecent invention are actually not right. Porn exists for thousands of years and humanity continues to enjoy it.

Today, most people are generally used to sex videos or at least porn images and photos. This is actually the case only because we are most subjected to these digital media in forms of pictures and videos. People look for porn photos and videos on the corresponding websites because this is the fastest, the cheapest, the most efficient and also the safest (in all terms) ways to find a relevant sex content that is interesting, various and satisfying.

Some people of older generations recall that porn magazines (mostly for men, of course) were popular in the pre-computer era, that they were not so easy to find sometimes, and one should have had a great deal of courage to go and buy such a magazine openly. Young adults were ashamed of such actions and could also be simply denied this possibility by a seller, by shaming them. Older adults were also not comfortable with buying this kind of press if they were married. However, sex magazines were the only option.

Later, video cassettes were presented, and the people started to get used to video content. Porn magazines stopped enjoying such popularity and sales, and the future of the porn industry was in videos, obviously. And it still is, in addition, there is a virtual porn, vr porn hd option present nowadays, making the experience even more realistic and mind-blowing.

However, despite the presence of virtual reality porn, there are other media of sex content that people enjoyed in the past, and some of them are still very popular among the devotees. The oldest forms of porn are drawing, painting, and sculpture. People have adored the possibility to see the naked forms depicted or carved, and this is actually the reason why so many classic paintings read more