Virus Attacks on Porn Sites

Porn websites are very popular with thousands of users throughout the globe. They enjoy millions of views and thousands of monthly visitors who spend a lot of time on the sites. These websites are often free and they make money by placing ads on their platforms. While users enjoy free content, they may also be interested in relevant products promoted by the website.

hacker photo

Some porn websites offer paid subscriptions for the users who are then allowed to enjoy the best and the newest content unavailable in the free version and are also provided with a range of additional services like free sex chat, etc. These websites require personal details and payment data. Despite this fact, a lot of users buy monthly or even yearly subscriptions for porn websites, although it is fair to mention that only the best and the most reliable websites enjoy such loyalty.

These are the factors that make porn websites so attractive to hackers who are looking for stealing personal data of the users. They can do it in several forms. Some hackers infect the website with viruses that watch the IP and then look for other places where this Ip is registered. There is a high chance to find a website from which the user bought something some time ago, and the virus will be able to steal personal data.

Another option for hackers is to steal the website’s database of users’ personal and payment data. They can use this database to promote own products, to hack the bank accounts of the users, to steal money from accounts, or to simply sell the database to the third party that will do all the above-mentioned activities.

The most dangerous porn platforms are those that download some software on the user’s device to enable the client to watch content on their platform. This is a very outdated way of providing user experience, so the visitors should avoid such websites. Some sites download the software immediately when the person enters the platform, so in such case, one read more