VR Porn – How to Watch and What to Expect

Virtual reality technology is a popular entertainment today, and there is little surprise that the porn industry has adopted it for its own needs as soon as this recent technology was developed enough. Porn videos shot in virtual reality mode gain more and more popularity among the viewers, and this popularity is so immense that some porn studios have changed their strategies completely and shifted focus on filming VR porn movies only.

Considering these facts, there is nothing strange that many advanced users of the Internet and modern technologies are looking forward to buying their first virtual reality gadgets – glasses or helmets. There are a lot of movies and video games issued on various online platforms that can be watched and played only in VR glasses or helmet. However, these users also do not forget about another type of entertainment and relaxation, which is VR porn movies.

Vr porn movies offer a completely new experience, by providing a very realistic illusion of being right in the middle of events instead of just witnessing them. This is achieved due to the specific mode of filming, and as the result, the viewer sees all the events as if through the eyes of one of the participants of the video (usually the male one, although it is possible to find videos where the movie is filmed as if through the eyes of the female actor). This creates the impression of being a participant.

However, the viewers have to be ready for a certain disorientation and confusion during the first several minutes of watching and also immediately after watching a VR porn movie (and basically any VR game or movie). Disorientation during the first few minutes of watching is caused by the effect of teleportation, when the brain suddenly finds itself in a different room, often full of strangers, and in different physical position. Due to that, an inexperienced viewer can feel somewhat confused and awkward instead of aroused and excited. Post read more